Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home



Table Mountain

After months of cruising the globe last winter, my heartstrings were pulled back to the Tetons, the place I still consider home. I had bittersweet feelings about moving back to the town I grew up in, but my summer couldn’t have been any better! I definitely took for granted how awesome this place is, and I made it a priority to get out and explore the area more.


Phelps Lake

I got to hike up into Grand Teton National Park and view some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. I got to jump into numerous glacier lakes (usually in my birthday suit) that took my breath away. I spent countless hours trekking in the forest and up different mountainsides. The feeling like you’re going to throw up because your heart is pounding so hard inside of your chest is so worth the pain once you reach the summit. There’s something about getting lost in the woods or being on the top of a mountain that really is unexplainable. Not to mention the insane wildlife in the area. Seeing a momma moose with her babies along the river or cruising along on a trail and not noticing the grizzly bear that’s no joke 15 feet away from you is a rush in itself! Yellowstone also sits in my back yard, and continues to be jaw dropping. If you’ve never been, I suggest making a trip sooner than later.


Lake of the Crags

The rest of my summer included a few days on the lake, shredding around on my Hyperlite Maiden, cliff jumping, star gazing, hammocking, surfing (well trying to surf) the standing wave on the snake, making new friends, keeping up with old ones, floating the river way too late at night, blowing fireballs, slaying drinks behind the bar, huckleberry lemonade, chatting with tourists, hanging with the fam, breakfast at the virginian, too much wine, camping, insane amounts of laughter, singing karaoke, and simply being happy! Traveling as I got to this last winter has taught me so many things, including the idea that materialistic things do not create happiness. I was just thinking the other day that it’s been over a year since I’ve had an apartment or a home to really call my own. I continued to basically live out of my car this summer, sometimes crashing in my mom’s camper (thank you mom :)), on couches, or in my tent (probably spent the majority of June, July, and August sleeping in a tent!). Lake and river showers were my game!


It was definitely frustrating at some points, getting ready for work in the bathroom, trying to find stuff in my insanely messy car, not being able to cook for myself, having to shave my legs in the Albertson’s bathroom… (you think I’m joking), not having a place to just chill out… but it has also made me appreciate the little things, like home cooked meals, a bed, and a real shower! It was pretty tough but an experience I will never forget, and I was able to save just about every dollar I made this summer. I definitely worked a lot, but I loved my jobs and once again the light was pretty bright at the end of the tunnel. I’m about to head off on my next adventure! I’m so excited to continue learning about myself and about this crazy world that we live in. It’s the simple things in life that truly matter and happiness really does come from within. Once you truly learn to love yourself, everything else will fall into place. You have to go with the flow, and trust the journey!


The best is yet to come. ❤


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