You’ve got it…

She likes simplicity. 

She won’t settle. 

Refuses to be owned by anyone,

Or anything.

She enjoys living in the moment.

Taking life day by day.

Time is irrelevant.

We are only here and now.

Wanderlust has infected her heart.

She can’t stay still.

The unknown and unexplored are her desire.

She works paycheck to paycheck,

Only thinking of the next adventure.

She’s far from materialistic,

Her backpack is plenty big.

She prefers to be taught by experience.

Has learned more from four months of traveling,

Than from four years of school.

Refuses to conform to society’s idea of a normal life.

She loves the feeling of sunshine on her skin,

The sound of waves crashing the shore.

She loves meeting new people,

Introducing herself to strangers.

She chooses only to see goodness in the world,

Believes that people are inherently beautiful.

She enjoys seeing her country from an outside perspective,

Considering what the rest of the world thinks.

She doesn’t have a plan,

Only wants to travel the globe.

She realizes how truly precious life is,

That it should be lived to the fullest.

She knows how contagious smiles are,

How easily they can make someone’s day.

She loves being immersed in foreign cultures,

Appreciates the feeling of being the minority.

She understands that change is inevitable,

Going with the flow is the only way to live.

She believes comfort zones are made for escaping.

Growth happens when you are no longer confined.

She enjoys trying new foods,

Making her taste buds explode.

She is fond of being disconnected,

Unattached from her phone.

She still believes in face to face communication,

Online conversations can only go so far.

She doesn’t handle confrontation well,

Thinks that drama is a waste of time.

She doesn’t like to hold grudges,

Is continually learning how to let things go.

She believes that life is about love,

That we are all connected in so many ways.

She knows that anything is possible,

As long as she believes it to be.

You can’t catch her,

Or slow her down.

The nomadic life is one of choice.

She is energetic.

She is happy.

She is free.

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